We monitor our performance really carefully to make sure that our services are working well for you. Every year we use this information to produce an Annual Report and Financial Statements [pdf] 5MB especially for our customers. It’s packed full of useful information and interesting facts, and we think it makes for good reading! Why not download it today and take a look at how we’re doing?

As a registered provider of social housing, we are also required to report our performance to the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) who regulate the social housing sector. The HCA use this information to assess how well we are performing.

Click on the link below to view our latest performance scorecard:

Performance Scorecard - March 2018 [pdf] 3MB

Here at Coast & Country we also have a Resident Scrutiny Group charged with testing Coast & Country services against the expectations of tenants to make sure that our performance is tip top. The Resident Scrutiny Group look at quality, value for money and help us to identify areas for improvement.

Take a look at the scrutiny reports to learn more about the group’s recommendations and the outcomes of their findings:

Independent Living Service - review and recommendations [pdf] 47KB